The Person Behind The Lens

Vision. Intuition. Professionalism.

Meet Niki B.

A hybrid of cultures – her youth was spent in colorful, ethnically diverse European countries; her adult life in North America – she is, in many ways, an everywoman. A true cosmopolitan, she easily relates to divergent personalities, thanks to her own eclectic background.

With an innate talent for creative pursuits of nearly every expressive genre, Niki’s artist’s eye, stylist’s flair, and musician’s harmonious instinct coalesce in a signature style of photography, engendering a magical formula that gives her a unique perspective on what constitutes beauty. In an industry where seniority often rules, she has evoked praise from established photographers who outrank her by 25 years.

One look at her multi-faceted portfolio and you’ll understand why: Photography this instinctual is rare. She understands the professional musician because she is a musician herself; she sees people, objects, and landscapes with a strong artistic sensibility because she is a highly gifted and technically trained artist herself. Add to those qualities her easygoing personality, playful sense of humor, and ability to put her clients at ease no matter what the shoot entails, and something truly brilliant happens.

Seasoned performers in music and entertainment, high-ranking professionals in advertising, and everyday clients with a range of photographic wishes seek out Niki’s talent. Her technique produces beautiful results – period. In the words of one of her admirers: “Had Niki B. not picked up a camera one day, the [photography] community would lack a definite spark. She is a unique and vibrant splash of color on the canvas of artistic interpretation.”

Grateful for her natural, creative abilities, Niki B. consistently strives to allow every ounce of her light to shine ... and that of every one of her clients as well.